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Happy quick little note today. The Little Dude completed school for the year. Aside from one more in person science class next Wednesday all of his school work for the year is over. Next year he will be doing 5 grade. YAY! He is of course super happy about getting to move over to the summer sleep schedule of staying up an hour later and sleeping in, which makes me giggle as I almost never wake him up early or even at all. One of the perks of homeschooling is we start when we feel like it. So hooray for the Little Dude on finishing school 3 weeks early.


Now to the Big Guy. He came home in a great mood today. He has completed his history course for the year, including the final. Which he was super happy to say he only missed 2 questions and one of them he said was he accidentally clicked the wrong answer. Either way only missing 2 questions on a final in a course he somewhat struggled with this year is fantastic. We are so super proud of him for this. One course down and getting very close on the others. Seeing him come home from school so obviously proud of himself made this mommas day.


Tomorrow we all get a break and are going on a field trip with the school to OMSI to see the dinosaur exhibit. We are all excited for this one and to spend some time as a family in a place we love. This mom is super happy and really needed this day. It makes everything a little lighter when the kids are so exuberant. Perfect ending to a long week.


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