Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Re-Evaluations Oh My!

As a mom, I feel so much for her. As a person, I wish I could offer her more then my support from afar. Maybe if you view my page you can pop over and send her some support too.

I Heart ASD

So here we are at the end of summer. School is about to start and we have come to a crossroad. Should we put our son in a private pre-k class, which is free, and see how things go or should we put him in a special education pre-k class in the public school system? Or should we go ahead and enroll him in kindergarten and have him placed in a special education class? Enrolling him in public school also means more evaluations.

We are afraid that in public school his abilities may be overlooked and his disabilities will be the main focus and attention of his teachers. On the other hand, we are afraid that if we put him in private pre-k his inability to focus will be too disruptive to the other students. The last thing we want is to put him in a situation that sets him…

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