Happy birthday River

Today is a good day! River finished his last final and is done with school for the year. He is super proud of himself and so am I. He is now moving on to the portion of the day known as “do whatever the heck I want cuz its my birthday yo”. He got a couple of his presents today and will get a couple more at his party Saturday. So he is very excitedly checking out his new Halo Wars game after jumping around all excited to see he now has his own xbox gold set up and we got him a headset for online gaming. I doubt he will be out of the living room all night.

18 years, it is hard to believe. I was younger then he is now on the day he was born. I was a dumb kid, let me tell you. Everything changed when he came into my life. Before he was born I had to turn things around. It wasn’t easy and even in that first year of his life I had no clue what I was doing. Do any of us though?


I have never for one second regretted having him or the changes I had to make. I never regretted having to make the choices to put him first. He still struggles. He has a rough hand in life. He is growing every day and I don’t think I could ever be more proud. Being an autism parent is not something I ever planned but I am glad that I get to be his mom.

Always Love,



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