Building Blocks for Birthday Dreams

I started a facebook page to try and raise money to take the boys to Lego Land for River’s birthday. I have updated it with some personal stories and was encouraged to start a blog about all of it. Some people say I can write pretty words. 😉 I do enjoy writing and some days it helps to get it out there. Some days are very rough. Some days are amazing. This is the bit about how it all started.Image


River was diagnosed with asperger’s when he was 8. This diagnosis came after a very rough couple of years where he was kicked out of 3 schools for attempting to elope and hiding. That all culminated in a horrific traumatizing event where he ended up being arrested and I decided that was the end of public school.

This June my son River will turn 18. If you know River you will know he is the sweetest kindest 17year old boy who dotes on the younger kids and loves pokemon and lego. He is working hard to make friends. However, he is not 17 as most boys would be. He relates well with his 9 year old brother (who is also autistic) and the other kids about that age. I love the childlike innocence in him. 

River has really struggled with his asperger’s syndrome. When he was younger, it took over his life. He didn’t know how to make friends. Sounds and lights terrified him. Crowds were torture. Tastes and textures were traumatic. He was happiest living his life alone in his bedroom with his legos. It was very hard to reach him.

Years have passed and River has grown. He is learning how to handle himself. He can go shopping without losing his head. Though sounds still bother him he can tolerate them. He is going to a school with other students now that he is learning to interact with. He is finally really engaged in the world around him.

Between the struggles River has had and my own health issues I haven’t been able to work outside of the home for many years. We have struggled financially and I haven’t been able to do alot of things for my sons that kids dream about. River has never complained or begged and always seemed to understand.

A few months ago he brought an advertisement for LegoLand to me and asked if we could go. It broke my heart when I had to say that was something I couldn’t do for him. He understood and didn’t complain. He just said ok well maybe someday and went back to creating his fancy lego creatures.

I have been working hard to make life better and get on our feet, I have started my business and am pushing to move that forward but these things take time.

I want to give my son a wonderful childhood memory while he is still a child.

I run my own business where I make soaps and other items. I will be listing Building block and mini fig soaps and magnets online to be purchased in the hopes I can raise enough funds to take my kids to Lego Land for Rivers 18th birthday. I will also be listing a page to accept donations if anyone would be willing to help.

Asking for help is not my strong point. My son has had a really rough life, I just want to give him something good that he will always cherish. ALL funds raised, even if it isn’t enough for the dream trip, will go to giving him the best 18th birthday we possibly can.


So that is the story of that, if you want to help that page is:

donations can be made at:

and purchases can be made at:


So I will do this blog, and I will talk about our lives. I will open us up to your eyes and opinions. Please be nice.


Always Love,



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